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Dear Sir/Madam!

My friendship with the plants lasts since I was a child – it’s my passion for more than 20 years. It was my hobby, my way of escaping the city rush and just chill out, kind of asylum. I have always shared my gardening skills with my mates and friends helping them to design, arrange or rearrange their gardens, balconies or terraces.

Awards and distinctions obtained for my private verdure as well as prompts from my family and friends benefiting from my knowledge and skills pushed me into setting up my own company to deal with verdure professionally. Gardener and landscape architect must be passionate -that’s why eventually I have decided to give up my acquired professions – lawyer and economist – and exchange it for the real passion of my life – without regrets I left grey oppressive office walls to exchange it for drawing board, shears, shovel and garden alleys...

Why Livistona?

I’ve wondered how to name the company and systematise its profile for a long time, moreover it was meant to be rather my additional occupation. But nobody can predict the future and fortunately the company soon became the essence of my professional life.

The company profile is original and so is the name that I’ve picked – the name of my favourite species of palm trees – livistona. Of course I also had many other ideas on my mind (such as the name of another of my favourite plants – verbena), but eventually I’ve decided to go for livistona...

My private hobby, which has nowadays become also a professional occupation, brought me new challenge and motivation to take up a new course at the university, it was also an incentive to self-improve my skills concerning for example highway greenery or to increase my knowledge of radiesthesia under the supervision of renowned radiesthesia and bioenergotherapy specialist, Mr. Edmund Raburski. I’ve also decided to improve my pruning and shaping techniques in cooperation with my friends – Basia and Ryszard Zieliński – the owners of the plant nursery in Gniewowo, who have also helped me with my first steps into gardening.

Designing a new garden is not just sitting in front of a drawing board or a computer - in my profession these are just tools. The most important are the meetings with the owners of the garden and of course with the garden itself. When I’m preparing a project I use to arrange a few meetings with my customers to get to know them – their profile, customs, taste or life philosophy. Only this way it is possible for me to meet their expectations concerning the project. During these meetings I always tell them a lot about a project – the plants the garden would be composed of, the way of treating and shaping them. That’s how I fill them with gardening passion, which results in changing of their approach towards the garden and its nursery or even acts as an encouragement to experiment in the garden on one’s own – to shape plants and do work they never had will or courage to do on their own.

There’s nothing better and more satisfactory for a gardener like me than a kind smile of an accidentally met former customer, who speaks in excitement about his deep feelings towards the garden that I have helped to create… and an invitation to pay a visit to see the garden once more and its owners, whom I have brought closer to nature, making them tender for gardening and encouraging to feel the taste, the scents and colours of their own green paradise in their gardens. I hope that you’ll be satisfied with my participation in providing you with your beloved greeneries and it will allow you to recognise your new passion – gardening.

I invite you to cooperation.
Agnieszka Stępkowska

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